Mrs. Anjali Rajesh Patil
(National Secretary)


Anjali was born into an Army family, with her father, grandfather, and other relatives serving in the Indian Army. Her grandfather even participated in the Kargil War, and her father retired as a Captain in the Indian Army. Her mother is a housewife. Anjali’s education took her to different schools in various states of India.
Growing up, Anjali noticed a stark contrast between life in Army cantonments and civilian life. In Army cantonments, people from different parts of the country lived together with unity. However, outside of the cantonments, she observed widespread discrimination, leading her to realize that significant changes were needed in society.
Anjali always had a clear focus on her life goals, with becoming a doctor and serving her nation being integral parts of her dreams. After entering the medical field, she witnessed the difficulties faced by people, which made her recognize the need for an upgrade in the healthcare system.
Her primary aim is to work towards preserving human life, thereby bringing positive changes to the lives of those in need. Anjali also aspires to contribute to women empowerment and raise awareness about health, encouraging women to break free from societal boundaries and take a stand for themselves. She firmly believes that an educated and independent woman can positively impact the entire family and lead to progress.
Additionally, Anjali emphasizes the importance of child development in the fields of sports, education, and technology. She believes that nurturing young talent in these areas can help represent the country on a global scale.
Anjali is dedicated to making a difference in society by addressing these various issues and contributing to the betterment of her nation and its people.
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